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I'm Feelin' Better!

I woke up the first time yesterday a little after noon, after sleeping like a petrified log.

Not really sleeping for two days will do that to ya.

I still dragged myself along until I made it out of the shower at around 6:20. Then I scooped up timenchanter, we grabbed some dinner, and headed to the show.

The show was, as usual, kinda slow. But 'twas a good group. valeriesparks was bartending - as I've mentioned, this is the new standard. So that was fun right there.

cekyr0 had been planning to show up, but didn't make it, which is too bad - I haven't seen him since before his New Year's Eve trip.

trivialt didn't make it either.

But we did have Timmie, and mvmedic, and synkitty, and Bennie. Also kozmic_tar showed up later, as well as Honey.

There were also some others that came and went - we had a couple of extremely drunk guys, apparently visiting from Houston. They sorta sang a couple of songs, but I stopped given them any when they couldn't hold on to the microphone.

On the one hand, they were kinda disturbing. On the other hand, the bar did reasonably well last night.

I ran for a full 12 rounds, and closed down at 1:00. Then home.

More log-sleeping, which brings us to today, where I'm trying to wake up. Frida's invited me up this evening, to stay the night, and I believe I'm going to take her up on that. I just need to get going.

And also do this "work" thing sometime...

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