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Further Adventures

I got in touch with timenchanter last night, and we had a quick dinner at TK Noodle before heading to the show.

Nothing like Satay Rice Stick on clogged sinuses.

Mark was supposedly going to meet Timmie at the show. He didn't show - and proved impossible to contact, since Timmie's phone died, and I don't have Mark's number.

So Timmie consoled himself with alcohol, and got to be quite amusing.

Meanwhile the show itself was a little unusual, but in a good way. Several people showed up for dwo's birthday, the most notable being misswong77 and rickshaw. We could, however, find neither hide nor hair of trivialt.

While I was kinda clogged, I still managed to announce, and even sing reasonably successfully.

David took today off from work, so he stayed all night - and in fact sang the last song of the night at 1:50.

We had a decent crowd - at least after 9:40 or so - but a comparatively limited number of singers, so I was able to get people up a reasonable number of times - with standby, I did 6 rounds.

Sunny and Roy showed up again. She's always fun - and begged and pleaded for me to do the Time Warp with her. All she needed to do was ask...

We had a short visit from twitchet, who I haven't seen since Christmas.

After the show, Steven insisted we do Denny's - then went ahead, and apparently grew tired of waiting for the rest of us. In the end, the group was myself, Timmie, super_sniffles, and mvmedic (William's LJ!). Nice as usual, though Timmie passed out, and Cindi kept her snacking to a minimum, since she had real food waiting at home.

After some effort, I moved Timmie to the car, and took both him and his sandwich home.

Today, well, I need to get myself to work in order to drop off an invoice and argue with a group member. I'm sitting at Arby's, after spending about 40 minutes getting yet another insurance policy. I'm supposedly legal again, for a year. Unless I actually need the insurance, at which time they'll drop me like a hot potato.


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