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Progress, I Think

The show last night turned out to be a lot of fun - not that it isn't, frequently, but some Mondays are just, well, dragging.

It looks, by the way, like I'll be doing Mondays for some time - as bluize admitted to me last night, they'll only replace me when they can come up with something that's likely to be better.

Also, apparently, valeriesparks is scheduled to bartend on Mondays for some time as well. That's going to be good - she's one large (and, of course, attractive) bundle of positivity, which makes the evening that much more of a party.

There, again, weren't a lot of us. For most of the evening, the rotation was around 6, though it varied a bit - as when swanhart and nikari came in, then did their usual early evening fade.

mr_seed spent most of the night, as did Steven and Bennie. William made it in later. trivialt didn't make it in at all.

I ran for 12 rounds, and closed around 1:15. The bar should have done reasonably well - we had several different groups come in, sit, and observe us all making fools of ourselves. Well, me making a fool of myself, anyway.

So that was good. Passed out in my chair again when I got home, woke up around 8:00, and tried to get some work done for the day. Then tried to make it into work on time. I was slightly late, but it didn't really matter - Stuart was in a different meeting, and when he pulled the group together for a staff meeting, he kinda overlooked me. I don't know if this is a change of heart or just trying to avoid the sick guy.

Yeah, my symptoms are worse today.

Despite being there, I ran into a host of bizarre problems that prevented me from actually delivering anything. I gotta do a lot more debugging. Which is frustrating when you're debugging testing tools. Ah well.

I came home early, because I left all my car insurance stuff at home. So. After some calls, I may have the CSAA stuff cleared up shortly (Gotta call back tomorrow). In addition, I am being dropped by my present insurance, but I'm insured through the 9th, and my broker's working on it. So I'm not dead yet.

Sat and vegged for a while after that, until timenchanter levered me out again. We went and got some supplies for the house (The cats have food again, and the fixtures have lights - the downstairs was getting kinda dark), had a little dinner, then off to Rasputin so he could use the gift card I got him. That was fun - apart from my buying more stuff than he did.

And now I'm back, and probably going to watch something - I have a whole buncha stuff, after all.

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