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Not only did I forget to post yesterday, but I only just noticed that I stopped Friday's post in mid-comment. Not that anything vitally important was missed.

I've, uh, been kinda out of it the last coupla days.

I made it to the re-inauguration of Clam Chowder Fridays, which consisted of misswong77 (of course), intrusting, spawrhawk, and dwo. We had a good time as usual, and I ate waaay too much - as usual.

Saturday I stayed in most of the day - for one thing, I had my leftovers from Cheesecake Factory to keep me going. I desperately needed to do some more work so, of course, I didn't. But I managed to do other productive things, like watching Tenchi, and actually doing some project research. Just nothing that would make money right now.

I don't have any official info on whether my contract's being continued - though I have been locked out of my email account, which could be ominous if I didn't know it was automatic from 3 months ago.

I finally got myself together enough to go to the bar around 8:30, and headed out. I'm glad I went, though I just wasn't in that much of a party mood. But it was nice to be around friends.

And I got kissed by hollyk and several lesbians at midnight, so it was worth it.

It was quite a contrast to last year, when I got incredibly drunk with bustymcboob and Robin. Speaking of which, I spent half an hour talking to Amy in Florida, as she re-stocked porn at work. Several people wondered why I was wandering through the parking lot talking to myself. That was cool - I miss her.

After the party, a reasonably large group of us - a couple of whom I don't know - when off to Denny's. That group included trivialt, kozmic_tar, William (after a bit), entropyca and deekers - who was the token extremely drunk of the group, for once. Jason snapped a photo of him trying to eat Buffalo Chicken Wings.

And then home, where I looked at the net for a bit then just passed out in my chair with no warning. Around about 8:00 I roused myself enough to go to bed, and somewhere around noon climbed out of that.

The weather appears to be trying to tear the building down, which is fun - at least I have power so far, though given some of the aborting clicking and beeping sounds, that may be in part due to the UPSes.

And now I'm going to try to figure out if my latest auto insurance just raised my rate or dropped me. I have both letters in the documents they sent me. I also have a bill, mailed on the 20th, that was supposed to be paid on the 24th at the latest. I'm not even sure I received it by the 24th.

So I may be going back and shopping for insurance again tomorrow. Joy!

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