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Crawlin' Along

Mostly napped in my chair last night - around 1:00am, I gave up, and went to bed for a few hours.

Silver scratched on the door, so I had his company for the night. That was nice. There'd been some worry because he'd hurt his foot, but none of the guests could catch him. I got to see it - he has a bad scrape that drew blood at one point, but no particular complications. So that's one worry I'm not going to have.

Got up around 4:00am, and actually did some work - even released some tests. Then slept until woken by the latest barrage of raven2000 posts. Silly me - I actually responded to a few of them just now.

She also sent me a beautiful and incredibly romantic e-card. Life is just a little weird sometimes.

I started getting up around noon, to have lunch with timenchanter, and got there by, uh, 2:30...

But we had a good lunch. Timmie is always a pleasure to be around.

Getting back in my car, I dropped my prec... I mean my phone in a puddle. Getting it dried out and working properly took some time, as has some of the LJ stuff. I also had to go and order more belt-clips. Innopocket makes great cases, but their belt-clips suck ass. I go through about one a month.

And now I'm going to nap a bit before heading to the show. It'll be interesting to see what tonight will be like...

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