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Christmas in the Hills

Since I'm doing the show tonight, my parents were nice enough to celebrate on Christmas Eve. It was our usual get-together: Myself, my parents, and their adopted Indian family. If you don't know the story, when my parents finally gave up on grandchildren from me, they decided to "adopt" by befriending the family of one of my father's students.

So almost every celebration involves them, too. It's quite cute - and it helps that they're all nice people.

So we passed presents around, while I sat and felt bad about just contributing a card. Not that what I got was astounding, but I did snag some cool artwork and a new T-shirt, which I'll be wearing tonight.

One dinner (Almost English - lamb with chutney) and several conversations later, I headed home.

Now my only concern is that I told my parents I had a blog. Which means they might discover it some day...

While some of the content might be mildly embarrassing, that's not the main worry. I wouldn't at all be surprised to have my dad comment on every single dangling participle and final preposition. Oy.

And now I should try to get myself out of here...

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