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I'm Awake!!!

So, after going to bed at 6:00am, as usual, Mena asks me to drive her around to various child care providers for interviews.  I crawl into some clothes and into the car, she straps Mellie in, and we drive...  around the corner.  The first place is at most 100 yards away.  And she decides to go with them.  So.  I'm awake, and it's not likely to change.  Frida just called, and wants me up in Alameda early to watch Sabrina (who's sick) for an hour or two while she runs off to a site to do some testing.

When did I get this domestic?

Ah well.  Last night was extremely pleasant.  Arrived at KoC about 9:30, and the lovely unbreak_able had a badly pinched nerve in her neck, so I was forced to give her a series of massages until she was able to crack it.  This took a few hours.  And as everyone knows by now, extended contact with Debbie is one of my least favorite activities...

Speaking of which,

Happy Birthday, Debbie!!!!!!

I was finally able to tear myself away and get to Splash around 12:30, and just managed to catch La Jentra on her way out so I could give her the CD I made for her.  So, of course, we stood in the freezing cold and BSed for at least half an hour.  Then I went inside and hung out with a happily intoxicated cekyr0 and, of course, the wonderful timenchanter.  Around 2:00, Tim drove off to take Alex home, and I meandered over to Carrows to have supper and commune with the web on my baby, uh, laptop.

Onward!!!  Um, lunchward?

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