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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
Lazy Friday

I believe my main achievement yesterday was my post. I spent a good part of the afternoon waiting for timenchanter to wake up, so I could take him to his car.

'Round about 4:00, I took a shower.

'Round about 6:30, I finally got a little concerned, and knocked on his door.

Which woke him up.

After a little prep on his side, we headed out for food. Partway there he got a call from markobellydance, so we invited him along, too.

Definitely a fun dinner.

From there we headed to the bar - Timmie riding in Mark's car for some reason.

A fairly fun night there - not anywhere near packed, but nowhere near empty, either. The auction went remarkably well, though I believe bluize is still stuck with the rocking horse.

dancin_whitey was in good form.

I actually got some time to talk to Alicia, which is a rare pleasure. Also spent some time talking to Kaye.

None at all talking to trivialt, however, since he wasn't there.

Today I have a little time to get some cards before heading up to my parents' place. We're having our little celebration today, because I'll be at the bar tomorrow night.

Which reminds me - we'll be open until 2:00, and I'll be playing, come hell or high water. So come join us and decompress!

Mood: busyhurried
Music: Flake -- Jack Johnson

I'll be there on Sunday.

I don't have to work on Sunday, YAY!

Cool! So it'll be a good night. :-)

Gotta remember to bring my mistletoe....

I was wondering if y'all were gonna be open. I'll see if I can talk gridlore into it.

'Twould be nice to see ya - it's been a while. :-)

I'm hoping to make it back tomorrow, finally. I have nothing I'm doing other than cooking dinner, so the socializing will be good.

It would be nice to see you again.

I'll be there at my usual time.