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Yule in the Hamptons

I got quite a bit of work done yesterday - in contrast to today, which has been pretty minimal. In my defense, I'm all clogged up again, and not feeling too big on the whole "concentration" thing.

But I'm sure I'll wake up in time for the show, which should be a good one tonight.

I ended up dashing off a last couple of work emails just before 5:30, which was bad, because I needed to get to the store, buy my item, and be at the Hamptons by 6:30.

The first part went OK, even with fighting for a parking spot I had my item in hand before 6:00. Unfortunately, I wasn't through the check-out line until 6:20. And then had to brave rush-hour 101.

So I made it at 7:00. misswong77's duck was a little cold, but still quite good - and her rice was heavenly. I just dug into that...

A great group of people. Lucinda, of course, cekyr0 and jeffercine, of course. but also timenchanter, raininroses, amor_ereptor, k_magic, nightvzn, spawrhawk, and, ummm, ummm, someone else, uh, oh yeah: trivialt. Plus some more...

After some hijinx to be revealed later, we settled down to some Apples to Apples, then decided to watch some video. Many of us hadn't realized that Chuck Jones directed the original Grinch cartoon, and we were having fun with all the typical Chuck Jones bits.

And then most of the group watched Elf while I paced the house in a kind of bah humbug mood, which I'm afraid I'm prone to. Definitely a painfully cute movie.

I drove Timmie home, and fell asleep in my chair.

Today has been kind of "off". Apparently Mellie had a bad diarrhea night, so I went out and grabbed some Pedialyte equivalent for her. Then another one of Mena's guests needed a ride to drug rehab...

I gave it to her, but I also told Mena she needs to get rid of these people. The problem, as I see it, is that Mena has many, many friends and acquaintances from her drug days, who are quite good at guilting her into letting them sleep for "a night", which turns into "Until they're ejected". I've been getting progressively louder with her about the ejection process.

Another day at the HoD!

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