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It's Been... Something

To start with, Thursday's show was pretty damn awesome. We had a nice, large, and quite varied crowd. I certainly had a good time - except for dealing with one particular guy. I had a large, very drunk individual (Who told me he'd just gotten out of "lockdown". Joy.) who had the old "Why am I not singing every 10 minutes?" syndrome. It's for some reason really difficult to explain to certain people that 18 individuals in the rotation means it's going to be a while until their next song.

Ah well. It was a pretty minor problem as that goes. I had a great time, and we went for four rounds - the last one only because of dropouts around midnight.

I mean, it can't be a bad night when sugarbare flashes me, can it?

Friday, well, I got some legal stuff taken care of - still no work. In fact, I'm in a little bit of trouble because of a deadline on Thursday. But I'm on the way to fighting my last traffic ticket, at least.

I also had another event I can't talk about.

And then off to raven2000's office Christmas party, which I'm not supposed to say much about either. Let's just say parts were fun, and others extremely frustrating.

Today I tried getting her to sober up, which was hindered by her doing her best to not do so. I didn't get much sleep, for both good and bad reasons.

I had hoped to get her reasonable enough to make it to the party at the Hamptons. Fat chance. I was going to drop out of the party, partly because my head is stuffed up and killing me, and partly because she needed watching.

Quite a few people convinced me otherwise, and now I'm at the party. I've had a good time here, but I'm still in a pretty weird headspace. I took a little time off to hijack cekyr0's computer and post this.

For which I got complained at by misswong77, as she sat on my leg. This was supposed to make me stop?

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