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I crawled out of bed yesterday around noonish, I believe, and headed downstairs to take the car in to the mechanic's down the street.

And it wouldn't start again. I tried getting help to pushstart it, but Mena had apparently twisted her ankle (Oddly, the last time she twisted her ankle was back when I was trying to get her to take out the garbage...), and while Chris was willing to help, it just wasn't enough.

So back to the AAA option. I figured he'd tow it down the street, but this one just rapped the starter motor several times with a wrench. Which worked like a charm. In the future, I've gotta remember: If it doesn't work, hit it with something. Violence is the answer!

So now I've got a new starter, some $260 later.

That's about all I managed with the day, until it came time to head out to the show. synkitty had asked for transport to and from this time, so I picked her up, and got there, well, just about starting time. Which was fine, since the population of the bar was myself, Synthia, and bluize.

I started the damn show anyway. After a few rounds, Kris decided to join in, but was in her usual grumpy mood, and hated pretty much everything she got. Hell, she tried one of her standards after hating on all of my suggestions, and couldn't stand that, too. She gave up then.

Ramiro and a boy (Randy) came in for a bit, and eventually sang a couple. Then took off.

Carol came in, and hung out at the game machine as per her usual. She apparently recently interacted with her hero (Paul McCartney) at a concert, and was still feeling the afterglow after a couple of weeks...

Shortly after that, supersniffles came in (and brought McDonald's - and a selection of replacement scarves for me to look through!). Then Kendall came in (and brought me lasagna!). Then William showed up. It was still, obviously, fairly dead, but we actually had people buying some drinks, and more of a party going on (Kendall requested that I do "Truly Madly Deeply", just to get me, I assume. Cindi requested that I do it in a Russian accent, which I did).

So of course Kris decided to shut down.

Kendall went home, but Synthia, Cindi, William and I went off to Denny's to hang out. I'd had enough real food, so I ordered the pecan pie. A suggestion: Don't order the pecan pie at Denny's. Blech.

We had a good time talking until a little after 2:00. Cindi finished off the scarf I was looking at, so now I have a new one (Yay!) that I'll be a bit more careful with...

Then home, after dropping Synthia off.

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