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My Day With Trudi

Had a good, low-stress day. I of course got going late, but nothing completely ridiculous (Like right now...).

We had lunch, then headed over to her place to watch videos. A few Zim episodes and a couple of walks later, we decided that seeing The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe would be nice, so we headed off to that.

Good movie - follows the plot of the book quite well, from what I remember. My only complaint, and it's pretty minor, is that Aslan was less, well, scary than I remember from the book. I'm not sure how they would have managed it, though.

A late dinner, then back for some more video - mostly The Anchorman with Will Ferrell. Wow. Yeah.

I left before the end of the movie to get to KoC before closing. I've got to get myself together for the last Christmas show at misswong77's church, and that show will end close to the time my show is supposed to start. This normally wouldn't be too serious - people have been showing up fairly late, anyway - but tonight is the triple birthday, and I want to get going close to on-time. So I did most of the setup last night after closing.

Today I've been, well, ummm, I've...

I don't know what I've been doing, really. Some desultory research into crystal notch filters, but not a huge amount otherwise. And I need to get myself put together before the evening starts...

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