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Holly Day

Another day I didn't go into work. My property taxes are due on the 10th, so I tried to get myself to sort through a ton of mail - mostly mortgage come-ons - to find the relevant piece.

That took all day. Not the sorting - the motivation. It didn't help finding the GEICO surprise a short distance down.

In any case, I eventually finished off a couple of bills. Would have done more, but I was locked out of my credit union's online stuff, apparently as the result of an upgrade. They of course don't have any support after hours.

Then off to the show. It was hollyk's birthday, and even though the celebration's set for Sunday, we had quite a party.

It followed the same pattern I've been having for a while. The first round was 5 people, the second 8, and the third 25.

We actually got quite crowded. On top of that, the Christmas show group showed up, including misswong77, and stayed most of the night. Lucinda even sang two songs.

trivialt was there, and had me suicide him, which I used as a source of amusement. As sort of a side effect, since the tub was out, Kendall pulled a couple of songs for me. Which explains why my last two songs were "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Flashdance."

They both worked out pretty well - especially the first, since it turns out Holly's quite fond of Lita Ford.

supersniffles showed up at her usual time - and Chip was even a little later. But things slowed down enough that I could get them two songs each, which was cool.

What wasn't cool was that the bar got hit by an underage drinking sting. That's going to hurt - the fines are enormous.

Ah well.

Afterwards, timenchanter and I had a leisurely supper at Denny's. It was especially leisurely after he went to sleep. The Timmie was extremely tired. Hell, I'm extremely tired, and I'm don't have anything near his reasons.

So I let him sleep for a bit then woke him up, and we both headed home.

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