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No Pressure...

I never made it into work yesterday - not too surprising. I slept until about 5:00, dragged myself through a shower, had a nice dinner with timenchanter, and set out for the icebox, er, bar.

It was, as usual, a slow night - better than last Monday, but, well, it's hard to get much worse in terms of bar income.

dancin_whitey was bartending, which is always fun. And useful, too - for 3 rounds, the rotation was me and him. hollyk and James showed up for a bit. I got James to do a few songs, but Holly wasn't in that cheerful of a mood - which I might have helped if I hadn't picked a song she hated as her first.

Of all things, Jason showed up - this being the wheelchair-bound Jason that used to go to the Daybreak. It was good to see him alert. He sang a couple of songs.

wavewarrior decided to take the plunge, and did well, as I always expect. William - a new guy who's been in a few times - also participated. By that point my song selections were more "on".

And synkitty showed up. She apparently now has an apartment, though somehow the world will end if misdev gets the address. I'm imagining, oh, I don't know - flying monkeys?

We closed down at midnight, after 13 rounds. I dropped Synthia off, grabbed some fast food, and headed home. Exhausted, somehow.

Crawled into work this morning - on time for the meeting, for a change. Which occurred, for a change.

I haven't gotten a lot done, though I've detected a certain breathing sensation down the back of my neck. I think I'm coming down with the latest model cold. But I've gotta stay here until I'm done with the latest round of tests. Joy!

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