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Not much done today.  Most of the daylight hours that weren't sleeping were spent processing images for the Black&Blue Ball post. I had my usual "get up after a few hours, do something, try to sleep, and have the whole world contact you" sorta day.  timenchanter was asking about breakfast, then we had an email conversation about personal shtuff.   "She", well, I don't know what she wanted, but it was a long conversation.  A long text conversation with stormmonkey over missing/urinated household items.  A couple face-to-faces with Mena.  Explaining how to open a spreadsheet to my dad (I still have no idea what the problem was).  Remote French tutoring for Bernie, who apparently has not been crucified for low grades.

My experience with Jewish culture is that they're pretty serious about education.  Makes me wonder if that's actually what happened to Jesus (Forgive me, Father, for I know not how to conjugate..).

The evening was taken up, of course, with the Sunday night show.

I managed to arrive at the show at 8:00, when it's supposed to start.  Then the conversation was apparently too interesting to pass up, or whatever.  I managed to get started just after 8:30.  Probably not too bad, since I only had about 6 songs lined up at that point.

Things were a little tricky, since there's a lot of remnants from the Ball.  Had to do without the main TV, since it was packed up in the back.  The dance floor was amazingly dark.  I mean, Kris likes it dismal in that bar, but it was ridiculous.  So while the show was in progress I clambered up on my equipment and hooked up a couple of cans.  That made it just slightly less dark, but I gave up at that point.

And then people started coming in.  It wasn't a huge crowd, but more than a little respectable.  neo83 showed up after about 2 months, which was great.  Apple and valeriesparks came in (Now she has an LJ!).  I don't know what happened, but unbreak_able showed up, which wasn't supposed to happen.  I'm certainly not complaining.

nikari was actually able to stay the night, which was really cool.  timenchanter dropped by for 2 songs, after attending the official cmjfoxfyre birthday party.

And I'm going to stop listing there.  The rotation stayed at about 20 for most of the night, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I certainly did.

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