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I ended up eating at Chevy's yesterday - me and a book. They seated me in an out-of-the-way location. A little later, they seated an older lady and her book at the next table.

I was apparently in the reading section.

Then off to the show. I got there early, which meant it was myself, Ramiro, and a couple of new people - nice ones. Her name is Jess, I forget his. She was wearing a Bengals t-shirt, so we knew she'd be a hit with supersniffles.

I had all the equipment ready by 8:00, but no singers. By this point hollyk was there, so she and Ramiro decided to sing - so the 1st round was 3 people. Maggie and Susan showed up, so the second round was 5.

It kept expanding from there. While the bar was never crowded, it definitely had enough people to make it quite a party.

Heck, trivialt and kozmic_tar even showed up!

So I had a very pleasant night, and so, as far as I could tell, did everyone else. The rotation hit 20 for a couple of rounds, but even so, I was able to go a total of 7 rounds. I even managed to squeeze in a second song for supersniffles.

Kristin showed up and sang a song. Now if I could just convince her that she sounds good...

valeriesparks and her new boy, Alex, were there pretty much all night. It's amazing how much he reminds me of my friend Kip.

Closed down at about 1:40, then headed home. After far too few hours of sleep, I headed out to meet up with my parents.

My mom had an eye thing early this morning, and wasn't sure she'd be able to drive back up the hill. Strangely, they decided they'd still let me drive them.

So I got to hang out at the new Lawrence Kaiser facility. Wheee!

And then drive back to their place. I just got home, and screw work, I'm getting some sleep.

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