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Black&Blue Pictures!

Here is a small, edited selection of pictures I took at the Black&Blue Ball.  I took 91 that were worth keeping, so if there's a something you'd like to see, ask - I may have it.  I'm rather amused by my choices of subjects, but I think what I have turned out well.

Valerie, before the show:

Sadly, the only picture I have of my best friend is this one - so there's also a little timenchanter behind

unbreak_able and nikari on smoke break:

This was late in the evening, after a hard night's bartending for Debbie.  Hard to get a good picture of her, since she avoids them so much.

Speaking of Kyle, here he is sporting Eddie's hat most rakishly:

hollyk and Ramiro did the door all night:

At this point, Holly had definitely had enough to drink.  Sadly, no naked dancing pics this time.

dancin_whitey and Dani spun for most of the evening:

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of delirium.  Next time...

And, while speaking of Dani, here she is sporting her Screamworks airbrush tattoo:

The dance floor was packed all night:

Esperanza did two shows - here she is in the early stages of China Girl, celebrating the year of the KoC:

The Leathermasters fashion show went off extremely well this year.  The lack of announcer was a good idea, though I'd think for the future they might want to provide a program guide - perhaps with prices.  They are trying to sell goods, after all..

The most photogenic Valerie, in the first show:

Wearing her Wicked Smileys headdress...

And here she is in the second set:

Sporting her Screamworks tattoo...

Oh, and Valerie was modeling with Larry, so here's both of them.  This is, of course, the only reason I included this picture...

And also Emily:

And Shiva:

And Shiva:

And Lynette with as much of cekyr0's butt as I've got - so don't ask:

And Lynette again with both Alex and jeffercine visible:

Lastly, this is the first time I've seen my friend Kaine in over two years - and I wouldn't regret seeing more of his companion:

There's some interesting drama connected to that stole, but we'll leave Trudi out of a post for once.

So there's my selection.

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