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It's been quite a day. I bought salad for tonight's pot luck at Albertson's, then headed over to Trudi's mom's house for a bit. Sat, talked, had some White Zin...

Went home because my PDA's email went corrupt somewhere. :-(

I was able to recover some stuff from a backup in October, but I'm missing anything sent to me in the last month and a half. Ah well.

Headed up to my parents', and met up with timenchanter and skywaterblue there. Timmie and I repaired and dug in the culvert we installed incorrectly a month ago - hopefully it'll be OK this time...

Then back down the hill, picked up raven2000, and off to the bar. I gotta say - it took a long time for all the food to come together, but it was well worth it.

We are, of course, all incredibly indebted to sarahl210, who as usual brought a huge amount of excellent food, including a giant turkey.

It's been a very busy evening, even without trivialt. It's been interesting being around a drunk Trudi, too - been quite a while. She's spent most of the evening on the go-go boxes.

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