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Death by Suicide

I just finally got back - which is funny, because we closed the bar around 11:00.

One hell of a lot of fun tonight - the rotation was myself, sugarbare, hollyk, cekyr0, and jeffercine. In that order. Towards the end, Alicia joined us as well.

We were just being silly - tearing songs up, doing funny voices, weird dances, whatever. Holly brought out the blow-up guitar she stole a couple of months ago - and proceeded to trash it. But that's OK - I've apparently trashed her voice, so it all evens out.

Lots of fun. And then everybody went home, so Carrie and I closed up. Of course, as we were walking out, we ran into chargerboy - and talked to him for maybe 45 minutes outside. Then Carrie took off, and Chip drove up, so another conversation started.

I tried to do the transcontinental thing with orpheusnyc, but he didn't respond to my message. Ah well.

Other disappointments: Neither trivialt nor valeriesparks made it. Again, ah well.

Now I've got to figure out what to do with all this extra energy...

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