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Back In The Saddle

Thursday morning I did some actual work from home, then got myself together and headed out for a lunch with raven2000.

Poor timenchanter. Trudi's among those who think he was incredibly stupid - but then, she had a friend who died falling off a normal curb while drunk (cracked skull).

We had a nice Chinese lunch, and then I took off to the office.

Sigh. New versions of all the specs I've been using have come out, so I spent my time going back through the definitions and updating them.

I also spent some of the time nodding off - I have no idea why I've been that tired lately. Oh well.

Got to the bar early, in order to work on a speaker. Couldn't find anything wrong, which is both nice and disturbing. I used the time setting up, anyway, since it took a while to figure out where everything got to - including a few disc misfiles. Nothing that isn't understandable, given wavewarrior did a full night on his own after just one night of apprenticeship. That's damn impressive, in fact.

I got started at 8:40, with just 3 singers. People started trickling in, and the first round was 13 people.

The second expanded to 29.

Definitely a busy night. We had a fairly nice group, and a few new singers, which is always good. Even though trivialt wasn't there.

People started fading around midnight. I actually ran for 6 rounds, partly so Paul D. and supersniffles could get 3 songs each. The last round was 5 people...

Closed down, then had a nice supper at Denny's with Cindi. For whatever reason, we ended up on the subject of sexual technique, which is always entertaining.

I got up late today, for some odd reason. In fact, just in time to pick up Timmie for his doctor's appointment. He's been allowed to do without the brace.

Now we're at markobellydance's office, where Timmie's getting measured for contacts.

Dunno what next. We're right next to the Hamilton Fry's....

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