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Things have been relatively smooth sailing.

The end of the trip Tuesday night was a complete and utter contrast to the beginning - our flight landed early, our luggage came out almost immediately, and when timenchanter called cekyr0 to say we were done, it turned out he had just driven into the airport.

Wednesday, well, I mostly worked from home - got a fair amount done, in fact. Timmie had invited me to this rather odd, invitation-only "Taste of San Jose" fair-like think at the new City Hall. We looked through some booths, and stuffed ourselves silly for a total of $5.

I took off to Alameda at the height of rush hour, and had it worse than usual - but was in no mood to get truly annoyed. Between the time, the stalled truck, and the stalled car (It looked like someone's ignition lock had triggered. The car looked like a Christmas tree), things just weren't moving too fast.

Got there, had a nice sushi dinner, hung out, and half-watched television while getting some more work done.

Then home, and bed.

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