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Hurry Up and Wait

Debbie got herself ready for work, and we both scored a quick kiss before she headed out.

I got through my shower, and got myself clothed, packed, and ready to go by about 8:00. Sigh. I started waking timenchanter up around 9:30. orpheusnyc didn't really seem possible to wake...

We got ourselves down to Canal St., and Timmie got himself the souvenirs he needed.

Some quick deli, and then back up to the apartment. Got there in time to say goodbye to Eddie before his work.

Around 3:00 we headed out on the subway to JFK. Suffice it to say that it would have been an easy trip were NY more handicapped-friendly. Poor Timmie.

Interestingly, it started raining just as we were leaving. It was supposed to rain during the weekend, but apparently was nice enough to hold off until we left.

We got to the airport a little late, but still generally OK. Except for his brace. It had enough metal to set off the detector.

There's something just wrong with the way they do the wand inspections. One delay was waiting for the inspection of an elderly man who was having difficulty holding his arms out. His pacemaker probably was setting off alarms.

In any case, instead of just checking the brace, they did a full inspection with a wand so sensitive Timmie's zipper set it off. Morons.

Our flight was set to leave at 5:30. Timmie was let go around 5:20. Not that the guy told Timmie that. No - he randomly wandered away without saying anything.

However, even crawling along at Timmie's max gimping speed, we made it. They were at the point of calling our names individually, but we made it.

They even put us in the front row so Timmie could stretch his leg.

And now, we've landed in San Jose after a reasonably uneventful flight, and can anticipate seeing cekyr0! And maybe a meal...

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