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Limping Along

We slept late, and stayed in until around 3:00, a little after orpheusnyc headed off to work.

In fact we had just locked the door and were headed to the elevator when Debbie called to say she was off work and heading home. Debbie had just picked up a sore throat from hell (Probably from us, sadly), and had barely survived work.

She encouraged us to keep going, and so we bravely limped forth. timenchanter got a first-hand feel for the number of stairs involved with the NY subway. Also how much work it is to walk when you can't bend your knee...

For the first three stations or so, he hovered remarkably far from the edge of the platform, and seemed distressed when I'd go over and look down. Odd that...

We went and saw Rockefeller center, where the ice rink is already installed (We got to watch the Zamboni) and the tree is being set up. We wandered through St. Patrick's, which is an extremely impressive cathedral, and contained a lot of excellent fine detail work that was lost on the guy who lost his glasses on the subway track.

We ended up walking down 5th Ave, and stopped off at a place at 5th and 42nd for a late lunch.

We tried to head to Canal St. There was supposedly a subway station right at 5th and 42nd, but we didn't see it, and kept making our slow way down 5th. Around about 28th, we stopped in a touristy place, Timmie got some postcards at a reasonable price, and I got an extra T-shirt for today at an OK one.

Somewhere this weekend I ran out of shirts. So did Timmie, in a massage oil accident. So I loaned him my "Mind the Gap" shirt. I'm lucky he has a good sense of humor.

I finally actually checked a map - there's a station at 23rd, right at the Flatiron building. It was getting dark, and Timmie was pretty worn out, so we simply headed over to The Duplex and had some drinks, rested, and talked for an hour or so, then walked next door to the Stonewall Bistro for dinner.

Eddie joined us there when he got off work, and things brightened up. 'Twould have been better to have Debbie too, and she was definitely invited, but as expected she stayed home to recuperate.

We bounced back next door. The piano bar was in full swing. They badgered Eddie into singing, and then Timmie, and then I decided it was time to go home.

Actually, we'd earlier discussed that 11:30 would be a good time. So I also lucked out.

We stopped at a Duane Reade for supplies (And also to stop at a Duane Reade - this is NY, after all), then home.

We're going to try to make it to Canal St. this morning - Eddie's planning on joining us. Sadly, the last we're likely to see of Debbie is as she's leaving for work. Well, she's about 5 feet from me now doing her morning stuff, but she might as well be in another world.

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