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I'm still working on the pictures (I took 92 that came out at the ball), but I wanted to get my impressions down of the Black&Blue Ball.

Awesome, simply awesome.  Kris is sure attendance was down from last year, but the bar did quite well nevertheless.  One vendor didn't sell anything, and we didn't have the dungeon and piercings line we had last year, but again - attendance was quite high.  I actually had a couple of claustrophobic moments, and that doesn't happen to me much there.  More importantly, everyone there had a good time.  If we could get half that many people to come on a regular basis, the bar would be rolling in money.

That, of course, would require a lot more money in advertising, and a willingness to put together more major events on a regular basis, so I'm not holding my breath.

James did a great job of coordinating shows.  Even with me coming in late to start (Thanks, timenchanter, for doing most of the mic setup!), and with an announcer that was downing fishbowls like, well, a fish, most everything went off without a hitch.  I had a slight difficulty tracking down my mic after the last performance - Adam was going on about someone using it as a sex toy - but I got it back dry and smelling OK.  Definitely changing the condoms before the next show, though...

Pretty much everyone was there - I'll forgo listing, though I'll be posting a lot of picture later.  The main people noticeable by their absence were xtina_satanica and Honey, who both had things to do early on Saturday (Nikki golfs?).

Ran into a couple of people I hadn't seen in a while - Denise, Mena's ex, was there.  I'm sure looking for Mena.  She's been trouble in the past, but seemed to be behaving herself, so I didn't point her out so she could be tossed out...

More importantly, or at least pleasurably, ran into Kaine, of all people.  I hadn't seen him since, well, I kicked him out of the house...

But I didn't do it because I disliked him.  The guy's a lot of fun, as long as you aren't living with him.  And I was glad to see him doing well after not having any contact for over a year.

Well, enough of that - on to today's drama!

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