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There is nothing quite like getting a call from your best friend at 7:00am to tell you he "fell on the tracks", hurt his knee, and is being taken to Mt. Sinai.

I'm hovering at a very even balance between concern, guilt, and severe annoyance.

On the concern side, I seriously do not want Timmie hurt, in any way. Knee injuries are often permanent and debilitating. And the fall down onto the tracks is not inconsiderable. He'll call later with an update - I'm hoping for the best.

On the guilt side, I knew he was too drunk to make good decisions when I left him at the bar. For one thing, he was staying at the bar at 3:00am. If I'd stayed with him (And managed to avoid him making me more drunk, which would have taken some effort), I might have been able to prevent this.

And I'm not even sure why I need to say I'm annoyed. For one thing, he's a reasonably intelligent guy, but he near worships the chance to kill that through alcohol. And absolutely insists he's capable of taking care of himself. At least he normally knows enough not to drive when he's too drunk.

But he apparently can't manage to figure out that you don't get yourself too drunk to walk when you're on your own and the bars are closing.

Not to mention that he's now going to be at least semi-crippled in a town that pretty much requires the ability to walk.

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