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The Museum Visit of DOOM!

We actually managed to get ourselves together and out of the apartment by 11:00, which was amazing to me, especially considering orpheusnyc and timenchanter stayed out drinking far past the rest of us.

Well, to be honest, we never managed to rouse Eddie. But after much prodding and teasing, Timmie made it more-or-less upright.

And we headed out.

On the way, Debbie took us through Central Park, past the Bethseda angel statue, and the Alice in Wonderland statue. Good stuff.

Then we made it to the Met. That is one fuckin' huge-ass museum.

It is also maddening in the "Gotta look at just one more exhibit" sort of way. We wandered around (Mostly together, though I lost everyone in the Egyptian section for at least half an hour) for about five hours. There is way too damn much to see.

Debbie actually started tiring out comparatively early, but trooper that she is, she did her best to stay with everyone. But we all started fading pretty badly when we hit the Prague exhibit (Fascinating exhibit, just the last one we made it to).

We all headed back. Again through Central Park, this time past the Castle and through the Ramble. Then to the apartment, where all of us but electrichobbit passed out for several hours.

Still no Eddie.

We got more-or-less together and headed to the Village. We found ourselves a nice Japanese restaurant. This is probably why I'm as fucked-up as I am right now. The sake part of it, that is.

Of course, then we headed to Pieces and started drinking. I'm not all that much into being drunk, but there were a number of fairly important conversations that I'm very glad to have been a part of.

Not all those that seriously need to be had, but you can't have everything.

Debbie, Mark, and I headed back around midnight. Timmie was still into drinking, and we left him there - I sincerely hope he'll be OK.

I'm back now, and Eddie just got home - after somewhat of a dramatic evening. I should go to sleep soon.

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