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So, in the continuing Friday saga...

The Black&Blue Ball was the first time Mena was going to get to go out in over a year.  It kinda sucks being an unemployed single parent.

And things turned out kinda sad.  She and her friend Chris rode with me to the bar.  "She" wanted to come, but I wouldn't do it (Which was too bad, actually - one of her more fun, reasonable personalities was out for a change), so she asked for a ride to Tony's, which still seems odd after the events of the afternoon.  She spent a lot of the evening texting me for a ride home, which, well, I couldn't really do, being in Mountain View and all.

I was also supposed to meet and pick up timenchanter, but couldn't get ahold of him.  So after convincing everyone to get in the car, then dropping "She" off, we headed for Tim's apartment - no car.  I assumed he was gone.  Turns out someone had parked in his space, so his car was elsewhere - with his phone.  Hence Tim being at the bar with his car.  Hence me driving him back today...

Back at the story, Chris, it turns out, is a major lush.  Mena's just a slow beer drinker, and has no body mass to speak of.  Chris was feeding her schnapps.  She arrived at the bar too drunk to stand, managed to lose $20 somewhere, and dropped her new phone in the bar sink.

So I had to take her home before the show started.  I'm hoping she can arrange for babysitting more often, so she can get out more than once a year - without getting blasted first.  So if anyone wonders why I got there late - well, I was actually there quite early.

To anyone that she may have bothered:  She's really embarrassed.  While she's normally outgoing and up-front, she's far from normally like that.  Hopefully she'll get a chance to prove it, soon.

Otherwise, I still haven't heard back from "She", so I'm hoping she's at least minimally all right.

Did I mention Llorona got out again during all that?  Just happened to trot back up again today.

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