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Ellis Island

As I was slowly coming to consciousness yesterday morning, I heard electrichobbit's dulcet tones. This helped me decide to wake up. Still took a while.

One thing I have to explain about Debbie and Eddie's apartment: It's hot. They have no control over the heat, and when it's on, the place turns into a sauna. It was off when I went to bed, but came back on in an hour or so, and stayed on all night. I, meanwhile, was trying to sleep in a sleeping bag. A very, very warm sleeping bag. Not a great combination.

OK, I'm over it now.

We got ourselves together, I tried to shower as fast as possible, and we set off for Ellis island. That's most of what we saw today - mainly because we had to wait in line for-ev-er to get on the ferry.

We did walk by Ground Zero, which, well, is a giant hole in the ground (Surprise!). There the one bad thing of the day happened - I lost the scarf supersniffles gave me. I had it loosely around my neck, and it apparently just flew off somewhere - the wind was quite strong, so I assume that's what happened. Either that or it was irresistably attractive to a very good pickpocket.

We spent several hours looking through the exhibits on the island. timenchanter wasn't able to dig up the family information he wanted, but he's got a lead, at least.

We finished up, and headed back to the apartment to wait for Debbie. The poor girl was late, because she ended up working 10 hours today. We still dragged her out with us.

The first destination was a Cuban place called Havana Chelsea, where we were to meet up with orpheunyc after his work. He was going to be delayed, so we stopped in a little bar for drinks, first.

Then an excellent dinner was had by all.

After which we all headed off to The Duplex for drinks and piano bar. None of us got up to sing, but we did quite a great deal of sing-a-long. And quite a few drinks. I had four or five, I think - it gets a little hazy...

Debbie and Mark wanted to go to bed, and I was feeling somewhat tired myself, so the three of us headed back, while Timmie and Eddie went off in search of adventure.

And at this point I should go to bed. The hot water will be turned off at 10:00 tomorrow, so I've got to get up and take advantage early. Debbie's waking me up, so I'll make that as literal as possible... :P

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