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One HELL of a Good Bartender

There isn't much to do in San Jose airport while waiting for your flight - especially when said flight has been delayed from 10:00pm to 2:20am.

In fact, it comes down pretty much to drinking.

Fortunately for us, we've run into one of the best damn bartenders we've ever dealt with. One should actually come here, to the old terminal building, and taste the drinks made by Jay of the Martini Monkey.

He's normally here M-F noon through around 10:00pm.

Absolutely amazing. We've tried a whole range of drinks, and they've all been delicious.

I'm on my second Bloody Mary. I normally hate Bloody Marys. timenchanter has had a Tokyo Tea that tastes like ambrosia.

I realize that yes, I'm drunk. But I still have taste buds, and I'm serious: You should come here and try this guy's drinks. It will change your view of mixed drinks. And possibly make you hate sweet&sour mix.

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