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Hurry Up and Wait

I had a very nice lunch today with raven2000. We went to Sonoma Chicken Coop, which is across the street from the building where she works. I got to meet the secretary at her job, and got a quick tour of the office.

We also had a very interesting talk about morality and intentions - what it means to be a "good" person, or at least attempt to be. She as always had some very good points. The only real fallacy I saw (From my point of view, of course) is one of her standard ones - she really seems to think that at some level, human communication is perfect and infallible. I'm afraid I don't buy into the Cosmic Unconscious. In fact, I see constant reminders of how imperfect inter-human communication is. I really should keep a stash of lollipops, just so I can give them out to people that say "I know exactly what you mean".

Bought everything I think I need, and finally got everything put together, mostly under timenchanter's watchful eye.

I have one hell of a big-ass suitcase, which holds some clothes, a pad, and my sleeping bag.

We got to the Hamptons only half an hour late, and had an excellent dinner cooked by nightvzn.

After a certain amount of the usual last-minute stuff (Timmie forgot his wallet at home), misswong77 got us to the airport in plenty of time. Even including the pieces of bumper she left behind, but that's a story for her to tell.

As it turns out, really in plenty of time. Our flight's delayed. It was supposed to take off at 10:00, and is scheduled for about 12:50 right now. So we're sitting in a bar and browsing, each our own way.

Hey, I'm stuck in an airport, but at least I'm stuck here with my best friend.

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