Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Not Much

I crawled out of bed yesterday, and made it to work on time for the morning staff meeting - which never occurred.

So I headed to the cubicle I've been working in. No-go. There were 2-3 people trying to get the router setup to work. No, wait - trying to get the system to work without the router in place. Apparently something's going rather wrong.

Fortunately, it's not my problem.

After they started working remotely, I was able to set up my laptop and proceed with more transcription. I'm finally just 8 pages or so from done with that stage - I'll hopefully be able to figure out how to write tests again when it's finished.

I finally got a call from synkitty in midafternoon, and was able to drive out and drop off the phone charger in Sunnyvale. Though, I have to say the process of finding her at a defined intersection was rather similar to the whole back-and-forth we had getting to that point. Apparently "Stay right there" is an equivalent phrase to "Keep moving"...

Just to make sure I was there if they got around to working with the router, I stayed until 6:30 - then tried to make it home to vote. 101 was backed up solid, so I ended up taking a series of back roads (Lawrence to Stevens Creek to 17 to 280 to 10th to Senter...) in order to make it.

So I voted at 7:40. It was kind of amusing - the election workers were getting a little weird, probably because of too much time doing very little.

Then sat in my room, munched Doritos, and watched election results.

Today I need to do some final purchases and packing for the New York trip - which reminds me, I need to start some laundry...

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