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I should have put this up earlier - especially since most of the people on my friends list are Californians.

Today is the special election. If you haven't already, go out and vote. If you don't know the issues, check your local news organization, make a decision and VOTE!

If you aren't registered, go to your local polling place and do so - at least you'll be able to make a difference the next time around.

This country is politically one of the most right-leaning in the world, but not because of its populace - mostly because the vast majority of liberals don't bother to vote.

To those who think it's "too much trouble": It's an amazingly easy process, from registration through voting itself. With the 'net available, research is trivial. This is the only way meaningful change and improvement can be achieved short of violent revolution. What the hell is wrong with you?

To those who "protest" by not voting: You're an idiot. You're doing the equivalent of protesting taxes by giving all your money to the IRS. Yes, the decisions may all be between the lesser of two evils. So what? Pick the lesser, and force gradual change in the direction of the greater good.

That is all, except: VOTE!

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