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The show last night was, well, weird. Fun though...

For the first half of the night, the rotation was myself, valeriesparks, Paul, and timenchanter.

Around 10:00, supersniffles showed up - and around midnight, so did Steven.

There were a few deviations (Including dancin_whitey replacing Valerie for the last two rounds), but that was mostly it - for 14 rounds.

trivialt didn't come in at all.

That was the more normal aspect. Then there was the straight couple that walked in - the male being medium-height, having a shaved head, and wearing black clothes.

His name was Michael. When our normal Michael walked in, wearing all black, it started looking like a twin-fest.

He proceeded to get too shit-faced to stand steadily - but was still generally acting like a pretty nice guy.

His companion relaxed enough to start dancing about a third of a way through the evening - mostly with Timmie and Steven. Kind of interpretive dancing - lots of dramatic pauses. Interesting - and in her case, quite attractive.

Paul and Valerie started going a bit crazy about picking songs for people. It started with picking ones for me, but proceeded into picking ones for each other (Sometimes punitively), and then on to Timmie as well.

Made my job easier.

For some reason, I seemed to be singing better than usual. I was given several songs I'd royally screwed up in the past, and didn't do too badly. "Darling Nikki", for example.

Probably the Rum&Cokes.

Then there was Lee. Lee was an almost archetypical little lush, who at one point decided to do a Tom Petty, and didn't do half bad.

As I was closing down, he pulled out a penny whistle and started playing.

Definitely an interesting night.

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