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Lost and Found

I had a terrible time getting up yesterday - just dragging.

Somewhere in the morning, synkitty called me to ask if I had her phone charger. I couldn't tell her - it would be in the car, I was in bed.

As I dragged on, she kept messaging me. I finally got dressed and ready to go, got in the car, found the charger, and messaged her. No answer. Called her. No answer.

As I was heading to the show, I got a "Sorry, phone was off to conserve power", but no answer as to what I could do to meet up.

Today, as I was rushing off to my staff meeting, I got a voicemail from her about "arranging a meeting".

All I've got to say is "Great timing, Synthia!"

Hopefully I'll be able to get the damn thing to her before I leave for New York...

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