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On With The Show

I managed to make it in to work yesterday at 4:30. This was a definite improvement - I've been getting out of the shower at 4:30 lately.

Got some work done, re-brought-up the router question, which Stuart then forwarded to a more correct address (oops...), and got a little more definition work done.

Got to the show, set up, and was ready to go on time again. I like that trend.

Interesting night. Kind of slow, like we've had lately, but certainly busy enough - I had about 16 singers for the first 3 rounds.

Kind of a heterogeneous night, in a good way - everybody seemed to be having their own little party. Certainly timenchanter and markobellydance were in their own little world, which was cute.

spawrhawk made it in, and spent some time. It's always great to see him. His voice still isn't up to singing, but at least he can talk.

Of all things, dwo showed up, and sang a song. He unfortunately had to leave just before his 2nd.

The lovely, talented, and scrumptious valeriesparks, mr_seed, and some guy named Ryan were there for a goodly part of the night. The same guy named Ryan she's been introducing me to for months now...

Since synkitty and misdev are back together, they showed up for several hours. It was pleasant hearing Devon again (She does have a nice singing voice), and I had fun torturing Synthia. She did ask for suicide karaoke...

And quite a few others, of course. trivialt wasn't there.

I was kept busy. It certainly wasn't too large a crowd, but for some reason 2 people would want to engage me in conversations at the same time that 3 other people were changing their songs - in several cases, songs that were coming up next.

I think I managed OK.

supersniffles brought me pizza.

Which brings up an interesting question: Why does red food love white clothing so much? I was wearing my new Transylvanio Polygnostic University t-shirt from Girl Genius, and had both taco sauce and pizza sauce squirt out on it. This doesn't happen in my black shirts.

Got home, got a little sleep, then off to work! Got here at 2:15pm. Baby steps, baby steps. Managed to intersect with the IT guy, so the router is now pretty much set up and ready to go.

And I should probably do some work as opposed to blogging...

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