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Most of Monday is a blur. During the day, I never quite woke up, and didn't go back to sleep, either.

I finally got myself out of the shower and "ready for work" at 4:30, looked at the time, and decided to stay home. Shortly after that timenchanter called me, and we went out to a very nice Vietnamese dinner.

From there to the bar, which was about as busy as I expected. In other words, dead. At its busiest point, I believe we had a total of 7 people in the bar. Then Paul and Sarah went back home.

For most of it the rotation was myself, sugarbare, and trivialt.

We still enjoyed ourselves. It was actually pretty hectic for me - there's less time to do things when you're singing for a third of the evening.

I closed down at midnight, much to Carrie's relief. Then I took Stan out to Denny's to try and sober him up.

We ended up having more of a party there than we did at the bar. First we got kozmic_tar to join us, then Timmie. Towards the end both Jason and I were so tired that we couldn't stop talking, which was fun, but we didn't all leave until around 3:30.

And I didn't finish unwinding and getting to sleep until around 5:30. Then up at 8:30 to get ready for the Tuesday 10:30 staff meeting. Which didn't occur.

I haven't asked, but Stuart isn't around today. So no meeting. But I've gotten some work done between naps, which is a good thing. Apart from the pain, anyway.

Tonight I'm supposed to do dinner with Stan, assuming he remembers and gets in contact with me so we can plan things (hint, hint).

If not, raven2000 would like to go see a movie. At this point I'd just like to go home and sleeeeep...

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