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Bruce [userpic]

When I got home last night, I found an envelope pushed under my door. It was one of the various bankruptcy things from my old company. I normally scan them lightly, and I did this one as well - except this had a "ballot" for voting on a reorganization.

I'd pretty much given up on ever seeing money from my stock in them, and it suddenly hit - reorganization? That means they're planning to continue! So I started looking through, getting a little excited. Something might actually happen!

The ballot had a slot for "class" of investor, so I needed to find out what class I was. Then I found out. My "class" is 4 - stockholders. I don't get to vote, because it's assumed I'll vote against the proposed reorganization. Why? Because I'm completely cut out. According to the plan, all stock would just be voided. I'd get bupkis.

Now, this is what I'd been expecting to get for some time. It just pisses me off that I got 5 minutes of "Ooh! Investment money!" from the papers.

That's all.

Mood: annoyedannoyed