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Sleep and Lethargy

Pretty much all of Sunday was spent either unconscious, or damn near it. I did manage to read the archives of quite a few webcomics, which is one the more effective timewasters I know.

By the time I was out of the shower, and ready to face the day, I had about 40 minutes to get to the bar. Grabbed some In-n-Out, got there, set up almost on time (I was delayed by problems with the big TV), and got started.

And had a pretty good night. The rotation stayed pretty close to 11 the whole night. People came, people went, and we had several groups just watching as well.  It certainly wasn't crowded, but the place was far from empty - and we had a nice party going.  sugarbare and Paul were bartending, which helped give things a festival atmosphere.

valeriesparks spent all night, which is always a plus.  She was also instrumental in getting me to do "one more round" at 1:20.  I ended up finishing at around 1:50.

synkitty spent the evening again, sans Jasmine this time.  A couple more interesting coincidences - first, Sarah also remembers her from high school.  Second, and more interesting, I drove her to tonight's crash locale after the show.  As we pulled up, I recognized it - I'd been there for a party with timenchanter and bustymcboob a couple of years ago.  I believe Monkey Boy of The Kinkies still lives there.  Haven't seen that group in a while - and they have almost nothing to do with any of the other groups that seem to be linked in.  Well, apart from the fact that I think that when Amy recruited Lynx for Adrenochrome, she did it out of that group...

It's like figuring out a Bacon number.

Dropped her off, had my second meal of the day at Carrows, then home.  And now to bed.

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