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Crawling Along

So another day.  Not too bad - still sick, but at the same low level.  I called off helping my parents again because of it.  Hopefully I'll be better by next weekend.

Went out with timenchanter and got different screws for the closet stuff.  Then we both went to Red Lobster and scarfed down.  I've got to stop doing this "not eat for 15 hours" thing.  I always binge.

Got home, got his closet set up, so there's a happy Timmie.  I now need to look at getting mine done.  The only problem there being that I need to empty out the closet, tear out the dysfunctional shelves and hangers, clean it, paint it, then put up the new shelving.  I'll need to get quite a bit more energy up for that.

Spent another day avoiding Trudi.  Sad.  I need to break up with her.  In some ways, I am.  But this is such a wimpy, underhanded way of going about it.  Not proud of myself, am I.

Meanwhile, I have Mena periodically exposing herself to me.  Which is admittedly pleasant.  Just, well, weird.  Why is it that we either don't want or shouldn't have the people that want us, and always chase the ones that don't?  Or is that just me?

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