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Don't Wanna

I am feeling excessively childish. I don't want to confront "She". She called this morning, and I didn't take the call - just let it go to voicemail. She wants to borrow the car to see her doctor tomorrow, and is trapped somewhere right now with no money. Just don't want to deal. Definitely don't want to deal with the stress of kicking her out.

Then Llorona chewed up pretty much everything within reach in the house. Had to keep getting up to tell her to stop. Mena put the new, fancy, inescapable harness on her and put her out - and she escaped. Still don't want to deal. So she's out there somewhere. Probably doing something that'll get me sued...

My friend Sol called to tell me the job reqs are up for Philips, so all I have to do is send in my resume. Don't wanna. It's a cubicle, man! Interferes with my freedom, man!

Sheesh. It also would pay my bills. Something else I haven't been doing for a few weeks.

The main positive thing (Apart from an impending show (And the Black&Blue Ball (And the NY trip))) is that I'm going to get to grill timenchanter about why he's at work with no car and his keys locked in his apartment...

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