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Friday Night Drag

After the Thursday show - which ended busily enough that even playing to 1:57, I had to cut people off - timenchanter, supersniffles and I went off to Denny's.

Timmie wasn't fully there for most of it - to all appearances too tired more than too drunk. I think he's got the same low-level thing I've got.

Speaking of which, I slept through most of Friday. This will make it one day this week I actually worked. And that a partial day. Not good.

I did get myself together enough to work on getting the closet rod stuff in Timmie's closet. Not successfully, mind you. There's apparently some sort of sheet metal all along the top plate, so the 2.5" screws that came with the system won't go all the way in. Very frustrating.

Either that, or I just drilled holes out of the side of my house. Hmmm...

Cleaned up and headed out to the bar with Timmie in tow - he needed to pick up his car, for one thing.

Last night was one of the drag shows, and I was doing mics again. I believe this was the first one of these he'd been to. After the fourth or so regular came up to say how bad the queens were (During the first song), he asked me who was more bitchy - the queens or the regulars?

The regulars, of course.

Speaking of bitchy regulars - hollyk was looking especially fine last night, even after James got it in his head to fuck up her hair. I'm not really sure what was going on with him - if I didn't know them both, I would have stopped the situation as an attempted rape.

The show wasn't too bad. The musical selections were reasonably catchy, for one thing. For another, two of the participants could lip-sync. They did introductions between songs for this show, but kept them to a reasonable minimum (As opposed to the whole "20 yard list of fake titles" thing they used to do).

The bar was also fairly full, and at least half of the crowd was there to see the show. Even so, bluize was having some kind of issue.

I'm not really sure what. Granted, I don't know what sales looked like, but people seemed to be drinking. By Heather's account, this was the first time in 3 weeks that there actually was a door worth counting.

Oh well. After several (quiet) outbursts, I happened to be there while she talked to Allan about having them back. So people will have something to bitch about next month, too.

I drove Heather home, went to mine, and back to sleep.

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