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Just a Gigolo

Wednesday, I finally managed to make it out of the house around 6:00.

While a lot of this was because of lethargy, it was also largely due to a case of "one last thing"-itis. My bills are mostly paid, which is good. My main PC has been changed over from Norton to Avast, which is... good.

Odd state, but at least productive.

I got to Frida's about 8:00, to find out she wasn't expecting me, but was glad of the company anyway

We didn't do a lot that evening. I got re-interested in the clock project, for some reason. I spent the night in the spare bedroom, alternating sleeping and doing related net searches.

I hung around through today, mostly because it was both Frida and Sabrina's birthday AND Stuart's off on a business trip.

We took the dogs out for a hike, had KFC for dinner, and Sabrina was allowed to open one of her presents.

I got a cute picture out of the deal.

I drove straight to the bar, and got there at 7:30. I'm not used to being there on time. I was completely set up and ready to go by 8:00.

So another night I've started on time. Might be a trend - who knows?

It's been a fun night - not incredibly crowded, though for some reason it just started to pick up.

Busy for me, though - enough people showing up, leaving, requesting different songs, etc, to keep me spinning in circles in my little box.

But that's perfectly cool.

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