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Back Story

Well, I think my greatest fear about LJ is coming true. I'm spending all my time thinking about stuff to write, and not working on any of the things I need to do. Not that I don't have other time wasters. My old friend Jen, who I ran into at Splash recently, did a guest DJ thing on 107.7 last Friday, so of course I've spent inordinate amounts of time putting together a CD of the show for her. Just finished. And I just acquired the first two seasons of Ren&Stimpy, which I'll be watching shortly (Also got Blazing Saddles and Guys&Dolls, because timenchanter hasn't seen them.  And he complains about what I haven't seen...).

In some ways, it seems a shame that I'm keeping a journal now, now that (with any luck) most of the best stories are over.  I remember once telling my dad a small, edited portion of a "She" escapade, and having him ask, very seriously, if he could use it for a book plot...

The real shame is that I don't remember most of it.  At least not in any coherent way.  Too many chaotic events packed too close together, and, well, I have no idea what happened before what.  Robin using Anton LaVey's old ceremonial cape as a bathrobe.  "She" pushing Brian through a screen door because she was certain he was the one that stole Mario's camera.  The occasional orgy.  bustymcboob always referring to someone as her "ex-boyfriend" or "ex-girlfriend", which meant we never knew which of 50 people she was talking about.  Robin's failed boyfriend timeshare scheme between Jonathan and Drew.  "She" calling the cops on bustymcboob.  Robin calling the cops on Jonathan.  bustymcboob saying she was going to do a minor chore "today" for about 3 weeks, then wondering why people weren't impressed when she finally got around to it.

"She" and bustymcboob going on about how much they hated each other.  Except when they were together, at which time they were dear sisters.

Ah well.  It was at least educational.  All I can say is, if you haven't tried an orgy (Or 3some, 4some, whatever), don't bother.  Sex really is best when it's a connection between two human beings.  Over two, and normally it just gets mechanical.

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