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Bruce [userpic]
Reely Good Shew

Tonight's show ended up being pretty damn nice.  The rotation started at 3, built up to about 13, and ended the night around 8.

A quite pleasant group.  Synthia and Jasmine showed up again, a mainstream karaoke type named Lou, Alicia was there for most of the night, Sarah and Paul, kozmic_tar, Honey...

It did feel a little odd seeing Honey without Nikki, but I didn't have time to ask.

Steven showed up at his usual time, as did supersniffles.

We had fun.

Mood: contentcontent

Nikki is out of town, from what Honey told me Friday night.

All is well with them.

She's going to be out of town for quite a bit longer too... and out of state, I can't remember if she's still in country or not... maybe I got their trips confused... but yeah, I agree, all is well with them.

It was Honey who was out of the country. She was in Panama.

And suddenly I realized that I did get their trips mixed up... LOL shame on me. :-)

Yeah, Honey was in Panama for a while. I gather she cut her visit short, too...

Oh good. I'm quite fond of both of them, and they're normally so inseparable that I turn into a mother hen whenever I see one alone.

I was less worried than I might have been, because Honey was acting calm and happy.

Honey calm???


Well, she was happy, OK?

And for her she was pretty calm...


I like that girl. She makes me laugh.

I concur wholeheartedly.

They both make me laugh. Good people.