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Temporary Calm

It's been a fairly uneventful day. The most exciting thing that happened was putting Silver back outside - I carried him down the stairs to protect him from the big bad puppy, who of course heard us and came over to play.

Now, I can handle a rambunctious puppy. And I can control a panicking cat - I'm a cat wrassler from way back - but as it turns out, I can't do both. As soon as the front door was open, Silver was off like a shot - and Llorona was right behind, and having way too much fun to respond to my orders. Or pay much attention - she almost got run over crossing the street.

Since I was wearing a bathrobe and nothing else, I had to run upstairs, throw some clothes on, and quickmarch through the apartment complex trying to find the bitch (What? That's what she is!). Finally found her, and dragged her back home.

Then an afternoon and evening in Alameda. Nothing exciting. Talked with Frida about kicking "She" out (Something she's wanted for over a year, now). Had dinner with Stuart, Frida, Stuart's mom, and their friends Kimio and Wendy. Cabbage rolls. Not my favorite food of all time, but if you're going to have some, eat Frida's.

So everyone's asleep here, and I'm going to close up shop and head back to my disaster waiting for me in San Jose. Joy!!!

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