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Chowder and Rabbits

Chowder night was fantastic this week - if only because we had nine participants, including cekyr0, who braved the presence of seafood to be with us.

And the chowder was particularly good, as well.

Poor spawrhawk had laryngitis, and had to communicate through gestures.  At least it happened to someone who's used to expressing themselves physically, though he got pretty frustrated.

After dinner, myself, misswong77, timenchanter, jeffercine, cekyr0 and trivialt went off to see Wallace and Gromit.  I almost hurt myself laughing.  Sooooo many bad puns and jokes, one after the next after the next.

We don't know about the rest of the room, but our row was laughing almost continuously.  It's good to know that one of the reasons Gromit is so special is because he graduated from Dogwart's...

Timmie, Stanley, Lucinda and I hung around outside the theater for at least an hour, just making jokes and playing around.  I successfully got Stanley to snort, too...

Anyway, gotta get some sleep.  Busy day tomorrow.

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