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The show last night sort of fizzled out, which wasn't too surprising:  A lot of people that showed up early, left early.  Apparently it wasn't too bad of a night monetarily, so it doesn't matter, and in some ways I prefer it when I don't have a list of 20 people I have to say "no" to.

timenchanter showed up from his date, and sang the last song - to me and James.  The last person had just walked out the door.

Timmie and I went to Mini Gourmet, as much to spend a little time catching up as anything else, which was good.  I need my occasional Timmie fix.

Got some sleep last night.  Not exactly sure how much.  Woke up around noonish again.  I'm feeling better.  Not dead yet.

Had a bit of a disconnect with Trudi, mostly because I was getting going so late.  I'm supposed to call her later if there's anything I want to do with her.  That gives me an out, if a slimy one, so I'll be at Cheesecake Factory later.

Sigh.  The whole situation just sucks.  It's obvious that nothing can work with Trudi, but not for the reasons that would be obvious to most people.

It's not that she's crazy.  It's not even particularly that she's possessive.  It has nothing to do with her intelligence level, or her obsession with unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

It's that whoever I'm involved with has to get along with my friends - at least most of them.

I need someone that will incorporate into the positive aspects of my life.  I spent too many years locked in a relationship with almost no outside connections, and I refuse to let that happen again.

Heh.  Now the only problem is getting around how happy I tend to get whenever I'm trying to confront her...

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