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Here We Go Again

Crawled out of bed around noon. I've been forced to admit that I'm still sick - or sick again. It certainly explains Wednesday...

I gave Trudi a ride to NASA for a follow-on interview. Late, but apparently on time enough.

Then an afternoon trying to focus on DICOM attributes. I left work early so I could try to gather strength. Seems to have worked reasonably well. Everything was ready to go by 8:00, and I started at 8:30 sharp.

So far, it looks like it's building up to be a pretty good show. For one thing, there was a Billy DeFrank-Cisco thing earlier today, and the afterparty's here.

Of course, James has insisted on bartending.

There seem to be unconnected groups here, as well. For whatever reason, it's nice to actually have people in the bar during a show. It looks like there's only going to be 8 - uh, make that 9 - people in the first rotation, but the bar is already reasonably full.

Make that 10 - nightvzn just put in a song.

OK, 11 - jeffercine.

I got a strange voicemail from James earlier today mentioning the whole event thing. That was the normal part - it was the long admonition that Brett shouldn't get any special treatment.

Apparently he's remembering the one time Brett arranged to do a group of songs in a row for his birthday. And somehow expects him to randomly "try" it without an arrangement.

James gets some strange things up his butt sometimes.

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