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The show last night stayed pretty steady at 7 people in the rotation, which would have been fine if those weren't mostly the only people in the bar and two of those weren't buying anything.

Those two - Jasmine and Synthia - were fun, if not profitable. Synthia's in hiding from Devon's crowd, so I'm being quite the asshole publishing her name. Oh well. I don't think anyone actively in that circle reads my LJ anyway.

Devon comes to the bar maybe twice a year. Synthia is apparently an ex, which puts her in a fairly huge group - which includes bustymcboob, by the way.

timenchanter stayed all night, collapsing in a booth towards the end. I'm a little concerned - he actually didn't drink that much - but that meant he was around at the end of the night.

So he, I, and the girls took off for Denny's.

There we were regaled to many long, detailed, and in many cases pointless stories about Devon and her crowd. Timmie and I responded with selections from the Tales of the HoD.

Synthia's amusing. She'll be living on the street until she gets her welfare shifted back out here from Pennsylvania, but she already has her resume in the hands of several prospective dommes.

That kept us up relatively late, so I was more tired than usual this morning - but I made it to my staff meeting on time, for once. Woo.

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