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Post-Karaoke Depression

Not sure why I'm feeling depressed.  Wait, wait, strike that - I can't particularly figure out why I wouldn't be depressed.  Actually saw (And was seen by) Trudi for a few seconds during my rush up to my room...

Fun night, though.  Not particularly good for the bar - the rotation stayed pretty firmly between 6 and 7 people, and those were mostly the people in the bar.  But those 6 to 7 were uniformly great.  The lovely Kyra came by for a couple of hours.  bluize actually sang several songs all the way through, and even kept one for future reference.  I discovered I can still be flustered when I ended up singing "I'm Coming Out", and Eddie started shouting "It's about time!".

Roxy dropped in for about half the night.  I'm impressed she drives all the way over from Pacifica on a normal night.  With the rain like last night, I'm more on the order of shocked.

And the evening topped off nicely when unbreak_able came by.  I'd add some well-deserved superlative adjectives, but her insecurity would require her to give me shit about that, so I won't.  Let's just say her presence brightens up any situation.

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